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Motion for life

 Since 1889, Michelin has been innovating to make our lives in motion run smoother and in a more responsible way, while providing peace of mind – all over the world.

Humankind is always on the move.

Visiting a friend, commuting to work, traveling to school, or just hitting the road. Vehicles both electric and not, city bikes and mountain bikes, commercial airplanes, racing motorcycles, fire trucks and ambulances, school buses and public transportation: whatever way you choose to move and wherever you are, Michelin is right here moving with you. Motion for life.

Best Tires in the Market

Enjoy peace of mind in summer and winter with a tyre that offers year-round performance. MICHELIN, the expert in the all season tyre category; leader for dry braking, snow braking and traction and excellent wet and snow performance at the legal wear limit. Boasting even better overall safety and fuel consumption than its best-selling predecessor, this tyre ensures safe mobility from the first to the last mile, even in sudden winter weather.

Stress-free driving in any weather

Drive with confidence in any weather with the expert in the all season tyre category and successor to the European category best-seller, MICHELIN TIRES. Enjoy leading dry braking and excellent wet braking at the legal wear limit and top performance in snow braking and traction from a snow certified tyre.

Enjoy improved fuel efficiency

Benefit from reduced fuel consumption comparable to premium summer tyre standards with this all-season tyre. MICHELIN TIRES reduces rolling resistance by 10% compared to its best-selling predecessor, with a Cool Running Sidewall built to improve fuel efficiency (ICE vehicles) or electric vehicle battery range by absorbing less energy during flexion.

Key Benefits of the Service

Price, quality and no problems — you can’t beat that combination.

Every 10% drop in truck weight reduces fuel use between 5–10%.* With the weight savings offered by the MICHELIN tires, a truck fleet can carry more than 700 pounds (aluminum wheel vs. aluminum wheel) or more than 1,300 pounds (steel wheel vs. aluminum wheel) per vehicle with the MICHELIN tires fitment in both the driver and trailer axles.

Compared to dual tires, MICHELIN tires extend vehicle track width for improved stability. They also offer a larger footprint for superior traction.

With only 10 tires to mount, demount and pressure check, the MICHELIN tires can save your fleet time and money compared to duals. And when it comes to pressure checking, you don’t have to worry about reaching an inside dual. There is only one tire, and that tire offers an easy‑to‑access valve.

MICHELIN tires are retreadable, just like any radial truck tire.

Michelin Retread Technologies offers “like new” tread designs and compounds to help maintain second life performance.

Michelin’s Infini-Coil™ ensures the retreadability of the MICHELIN tires casing by delivering better crown endurance and zero casing growth. This allows for “like new” tread designs and compounds to help you maximize your assets. We guarantee it.