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Tires for pros who demand both value and quality

Our customers know that Double Coin stands for performance, quality, exceptional value and safety. That’s why we say “The Smart Money is on Double Coin.” We are dedicated to offering an innovative TBR tire and OTR tire product line, providing unwavering support, and delivering more tire value to our customers.

Smart engineering is in every Double Coin tire

The Smart Money is on Double Coin and this brief video highlights a few reasons why. Double Coin uses state-of-the-art technology to build strong, durable tires that deliver uncompromised performance.

Finite element analysis

We test to predict how a new tire compound and tread design will behave under stress in order to improve tire safety and performance. Our mission is to be excellent at everything we do – in every aspect of our business. We are confident that when our focus is on ME – Mission Excellence, we have earned the right to be your first choice in TBR and OTR tires. 

The Smart Money is on Double Coin

Double Coin tires utilize innovative technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses. You can rely on Double Coin to deliver on its promise of superior product support with its no hassle warranty.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Price, quality and no problems — you can’t beat that combination.

We build tires that deliver long-term performance and a lower total cost of ownership

We maintain a large inventory at strategic locations in Tennessee, California, and Texas

We offer a powerful no-hassle warranty that includes 3 retreads for all TBR products

Knowledgeable and experienced people prepared to provide you intelligent solutions

Get a convenient and competitive program to make it easier to acquire quality tires

You are worthy of our best effort and we promise to deliver support with integrity and accountability